The lessor undertakes to return the bicycle and the additional equipment in the same conditions as he/she received them on the first day (except for cleaning).

The lessor undertakes to make good use of the rented equipment, taking the necessary measures for the proper functioning of the bicycle. The lessor will be responsible for any imperfection, total or partial breakage, loss or theft of the bicycle or rented material. If the bicycle suffers a breakage, loss or theft or is used improperly causing any damage, the price of repair or replacement of all or parts will be charged to the credit card according to the prices established by the suppliers of bicycles and components.

In case of damage or partial scratches on the frame, fork and/or components the charge will be 75€ per damaged section or component. The bike will be checked by both parties before the start of the rental period.

In case of using the additional inner tube delivered with the bike in the saddle bag, 5€ will be charged to replace it during the rental period or at the end of the rental period. In no case it can be replaced by other inner tubes from other suppliers. In case of returning the bicycle without inner tube in the saddle bag, the 5€ for the inner tube will be subtracted from the deposit.

The lessor must return the bike on the agreed date, time and place. If not ITS RENT A BIKE will charge 50€ for each day of delay in returning the bike. If we are notified at least 1 day in advance and your bike is available for the requested days, we can extend the rental period according to the prices established by the web. If the client wants to finish the rental period earlier once it has started, he/she will have to pay 100% of the reservation and in no case the money will be refunded. The last possible time to return the bike on the day of return is at 20:00h.

The landlord is in good health and is considered ready to use the bicycle.

It is the responsibility of the lessor to take the necessary measures to avoid theft, loss or problems with the bicycle. In case of theft or loss, the lessor must pay the full value of the stolen or lost item (bicycle, helmet, etc.).

The lessor is aware of the risks that exist when riding a bicycle and assumes full responsibility for any damage he/she may cause to him/herself, third parties or other objects or property resulting from improper riding or an occasional accident. In any case, the rental company is not responsible for any claim for accident, injury or any damage caused to oneself or to any lessor or other person or property, or for the loss of any object during the rental period due to any physical problem or accident that may occur

The use of the bicycle by a person other than the landlord or authorized person will be under the sole responsibility of the landlord, being the landlord responsible for any damage, loss or imperfection that the bicycle or other rented material may suffer at any time. The lessor is not allowed to add any component to the bicycle and is prohibited from disassembling or tampering with the bicycle.

It is forbidden to use the bicycle in zones or areas unsuitable for bicycles.

To pick up the bicycle you must bring a credit card (with all the details: number and expiration date) and an ID card or passport.